Tuesday, March 6, 2007


microcontroller based photo rover

A microcontroller is an inexpensive single chip computer .
single chip means that the entire computer system lies within
the confines of the integrated circuit chip .
Primarily a microcontroller is capable of storing and running a
program(its most important feature).The microcontroller contains
a cpu ,ram ,rom ,I/O ports(pins in general),timers,and sometimes
other built-in peripherals such as A/D(analog=>digital) &D/A

Monday, March 5, 2007

The golden trophy

Here it is! proving again and again that we are the best of
model engineering college.The best stall award in the project
exhibition contest for theacadamic year 2007 goes to E4A
(electronics A batch) & here's our rolling trophy.

The members of our project group are
Arun Prabhakar
Raveendra Pai.G
Jaison Varghese
Rahul Rajan
Hari P.R
Jyothish Nelson
A special thanks for Manu Thomas even he is not a member of the
project group,considering his helps during the days of excel.