Thursday, April 5, 2007

PIC 16F84A microcontroller

PIC 16F84A microcontroller(MC)
General features :
Risc cpu 35 single instructions
operating speed DC-10MHz clockinput
1k program Memory
14 bit wide instructions ,
8bit wide data path,
direct &indirect &relative addressing:
1000erase/write cycles:

Peripheral features :
13 i/o pins with individual direction control :
high current sink/source for direct LED drive (25 mA sink max.per pin
20mA source max .per pin ):
TMRO-8-bit timer /counter with 8-bit programmable prescaler

The 16f84A MC is a verstile MC with Flash memory (1K x 14bit )
on board can endure a minimum of 1000 erase/write cycles .
The program retension time B/w erase/write cycles is approximately
40 years .
The 18 pin chip devotes 13-pins to i/o .the pin status
(I/O direction controll )can be done through programming .

Can be programmed using assembly language or high level language .
In the case of high level language such as BASIC we need a copiler
to convert the programme to the hex file which can be directly
programmed in to the PIC using a PIC programmer which is commonly
available in the market.But the programmer will be costly for us
(it costs nearly 3000Rs).So the best thing is to make one programmer
as per the ckt diagram given in the site .we tried it & succeeded in
it to programme the 16f84A.It is also used to program other pics.
In the case of assembly language programming we need one assembler
to conver it to the Hex file.
We tried first with the BASic language and found it is the best to
programme than the assembly language ,being less prone to error &
easy to understand .We used the pic basic pro for compilation.

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