Saturday, April 21, 2007

PC based high frequency LED display

Its the project,we did for our Excel 2K7 and won the 1ST prize .
It consists of row decoder and column decoder with an 8-bit counter .
remember that all decoders are active low and for the current sinking process
one of the decoders must be inverted to give it to the led display array,ie (32X8)
The serial data is given to the 3to8-bit decoder enable input ,to blink
the corresponding led to blink.A computer programme to send the high bits of the
character map to the parallel port & the process is done so fastly which produces
illusion of character on the display board.
its all about the working of the led display
-The main advantage is ,less power consumption .
-secondly only one out put from parallel port .
-by changing the programme we can display any thing .
-can display any font .
the programming part is done by Mr: Arun Prabhakar (


Ani said...

hey great work dude . keep it up!!!

kini said...

hey man from where did u get the idea? itz great.....keep it up

Delight Display said...

Good post! I am also going to write a blog post about this... thanks