Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ocatve-An alternative to MATLAB

Some FAQs

* It is one of the High Priority Free Software Projects in GNU

* Creator- John W. Eaton

* Octave became GNU Octave in 1997 (beginning with version 2.0.6)

* Gnu octave - Free software (GPL)

* Documentation-

* Qt octave is a GUI for Gnu octave

* Convenient command line interface for solving linear and non linear problems numerically

* Prototyping, numerical experiments etc

Octave As An Analysis Tool

* Solving numerical linear algebra problems

* Finding the roots of nonlinear equations

* Integrating ordinary functions

* Manipulating polynomials

* Integrating ordinary differential and differential-algebraic equations

Ocatve As A System Simulation Tool

* Control Theory

* Signal Processing

* Image Processing

* Audio Processing

Octave As A Computational Engine

* Programmable

* Easily Extendible

* Graphical Comparison Tool

Want to learn octave visit octave tutorial

for octave graphical program examples goto octave graphical programs

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