Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Coupling & transmission

Well there is a great difference between these two words but may feel same
practically! Once my friend Manu thomas was completing his excel project
,perhaps violated some ckt connections .Anyway a "man" call for me had
been made .At that time we were completing our project on robotics .
Stunned looking at the result!
The project included a laser based voice transmitter and receiver .
When he had removed the laser somewhat due to some power
supply problems related to the laser ,becoz he used the laser torch
which is available in market for just 30.00RS at marine drive ,
and instead of battery ,he used the 3v from the transmitter ,
connected only for the demonstration .Anyway demonstration
completed successfully.The transmission quality was great with
the help of laser .When the wire connecting the laser to the transmitter
broken it was found that there was a slight change in quality of the sound
transmitted,instead of vanishing of received signal.(he used mobile phone
music as sound source).
Astonished!proving nothing in theories!sound had been transmitted
without modulation without antenna which requires large height!
Is it possible?
what happened next

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